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Scarves For Water

Highlighting our 100% humanitarian Oxblood Scarf and sharing love with our #scarves4water supporters.

We believe in helping others give back in a way that not only feels good, but looks good.

Each of our stylish Oxblood Scarves drives 100% of net proceeds directly to our ongoing water projects in South Sudan – for every 500 sold, we’re able to drill a water well in the drought-plagued nation, providing clean water to over 2,000 people.


Woven from a soft modal blend, our rich oxblood-toned scarf offers accessible elegance for everything from a casual look to a more polished ensemble.

For only $29, our #scarves4water supporters can wear their scarves with pride knowing that they’re as benevolent as they are stylish.

Make a difference now.

Buy an Oxblood Scarf for yourself or your loved ones to give water today. Inspire others by sharing your new scarf online with the hashtag #scarves4water and be sure to include our handle @ObakkiFdn so that we can share it with our supporters!