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Kids For Clean Water was inspired by a group of 64 kids in a small school in West Vancouver, British Columbia. After hearing about the water needs in different parts of the world, the students of Cypress Park Elementary decided they would help. In 2012, the kids raised over $8,000 in six short weeks, which led to the building of one water well in Riak Dor, South Sudan. In 2013, the kids raised enough money to build a second well.

Kids For Clean Water is a full circle program that gives children the opportunity to see real change through their own actions.

The program guides students through five stages: they learn about the importance of water and the current global water crisis, they take action and create dynamic student-led fundraisers, they see results once we drill a water well for a community in need, they connect to the village they directly helped to see the impact of their contribution, and they celebrate their collective success with other participating schools in one big wrap-up party.

The program is a custom educationally based program that is designed to not only impact the children that are fundraising, but the village that is receiving the clean water as well.

Kids For Clean Water fosters ties within our global community, teaches the importance of water and our global water crisis, shows kids the power of their own two hands, teaches children about local conservation and stewardship, and encourages kids to become active global citizens.

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