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500 RED scarves sold built a well in Malual Chum

When we were first introduced to the village of Malual Chum, residents were using three hand pumps to get their clean water, each located more than four kilometres away in different directions.

With five additional communities near Malual Chum also relying on these distant hand pumps, people often had to deal with conflicts arising between villages.

The sale of 500 limited edition RED scarves brought clean water to the village of Malual Chum.

Since receiving a reliable source of safe water, the overall health of the village has greatly improved – not only from drinking clean water, but also because the continuous supply allows them to cook and eat more than one meal per day.

Malual Chum has even become a destination for two other villages that lack clean water and, remembering how it feels to be desperate for water, the people of Malual Chum graciously share their pump and organize distribution in a way that avoids conflict. Malual Chum has taken true ownership of this vital resource and we look forward to seeing how they prosper in the future.

We have reached our goal and are sold out of the RED scarf, but you can purchase another of our ‘limited edition’ colours in order to support one of the many other villages in need.

100% of net proceeds from the sale of these scarves go directly toward our projects.

As you wear your RED scarf, remember its greater purpose. You are part of this change. Stay connected to Malual Chum. Sign up to receive regular photos and updates.