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Meet the Founder

It all began with a white envelope of money.

For years, every December a white envelope stuffed with money would slip silently under the front door of Treana Peake’s family. Unmarked and anonymous, it was impossible to tell who the sender was. Without any hope of recognition or praise, the gesture was as significant as it was simple: it was help.

It was someone who cared enough to give without ever receiving anything in return.

Even at the age of 8, a young Treana recognized the impact and significance of this great and anonymous gift. It would prove to affect her so profoundly that philanthropy wove itself into her fiber, motivating her through years of development work in war-torn and resource-depleted areas of the world.

From her fundraising efforts as a child to her first trip to Africa at the age of 18, Treana has carried on the legacy of that anonymous, annual gift from her childhood: she has lived to give back.

Since launching the Obakki Foundation in 2009, Treana’s work has focused on meeting the basic needs of people in South Sudan, Cameroon and Uganda through the development of long-term solutions for growth.

To date the Obakki Foundation has drilled 1000 water wells in South Sudan, bringing clean water to over 1.5 million people. In Cameroon, Treana has supported various orphanages and created 12 schools, including vocational programs and farming projects, giving thousands of young students an opportunity to reach their potential.

In the Bidi Bidi, the world’s largest refugee camp in Uganda, she is working to transition it from an emergency crisis zone to a thriving resettlement area, with sustainable projects focusing on clean water, education, women’s initiatives and agriculture.

In addition to the Obakki Foundation, Treana is also the creative director of Obakki, an internationally recognized fashion label. The brand absorbs the administrative fees of the Obakki Foundation, allowing the charity to send 100% of public donations directly to its humanitarian projects.