Meet Dassi

March 8, 2018

Our youngest prosthetics recipient at Bafut Rehabilitation Centre.

March 8, 2018

When Treana met Dassi, he was shy and tentative. Only six years old, he is the youngest person at Bafut to receive a prosthetic leg thanks to your support. Dassi broke his ankle last year when a friend crashed into him while learning to ride a bike. Because Dassi’s family couldn’t afford medical care, this small break in his ankle became a raging infection that required the amputation of his leg at the knee.

Dassi Talking To Treanna Obakki Foundation Story

Dassi’s life was put on hold after the accident. He withdrew from his friends and became depressed as he watched the world go by from the sidelines.

Treana witnessed a transformation in Dassi the day he received his prosthetic leg. He was very quiet as our team fit the leg to his body – not asking questions or making comments – he simply watched. Once he was standing, a smile spread across Dassi’s face and his eyes lit up. In that moment Treana saw a different Dassi – one who was hopeful and enthusiastic. She realized that this wasn’t just about giving a boy a leg; it was giving him back his life.

You are unstoppable, little man.