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Running toward clean water

South Sudan

Photographer: Brian Ceci


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What can my donation provide?
$50 One-Time

$50 provides clean water for 10 people for life. 10 lives are about to change because of you.

$100 One-Time

Not only does $100 fund a seed package to help promote agricultural growth in a community, it can also provide 20 people with clean water for life.

$200 One-Time

$200 provides a community with a bicycle. Without transportation, people spend many hours every day carrying water and transporting other heavy resources by foot. A bicycle allows women to easily get their vegetables to the market, which provides an income for their families.

$500 One-Time

Your $500 donation provides an entire community with agricultural training. This includes education and tools, and resources to grow their own food, keeping their families healthy and selling surplus produce to earn an income.

$1000 One-Time

Your generous donation will provide a hearing-impaired child with education, housing, food and more for an entire year at Buea School for the Deaf.

Where does my money go? Be a part of the change and donate today.

100% of your donation goes directly to our humanitarian work. Every dollar that's donated to our life-saving projects makes an impact by giving people the resources they need to thrive.