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Celebrating fresh agriculture

South Sudan

Photographer: Brian Ceci

Who We Are

Our approach to philanthropy is simple - we believe in people.

We support potential and our results are measured by the lives that are transformed.

Everyone's story is unique and our programs are as diverse as the humans they benefit.

We partner with innovative individuals and communities in Africa who are committed to creating change.

We've helped close to 3 million people and we're just getting started.

What We Do

At the Obakki Foundation our projects are focused on the work, not defined by it. Rather than categorizing people in need, we empower them to transform their circumstances. By identifying gaps and strategically investing in sustainable solutions, we're able to facilitate real change in the following areas:

Clean Water

With clean water, everyone’s health improves. Rather than spending hours every day searching for water, children can attend school and women can care for their families. Gardens can be planted and extra produce can be sold at local markets.

Agriculture + Food Security

We collaborate on projects – like vocational farms and seed programs — that help feed a person, a family and a village. With enough food, children can focus at school, families can earn a living and communities can thrive.

Artisan Partner Program

Part of what we do as a foundation, is seek out opportunities to support local artisans by connecting them with their local market.  This ensures they are able to utilize their own skill and craft to change their own economic situation. Our sister company, Obakki purchases these ethical, high-quality products from traditional artisans and rural co-ops that are experts in their given fields. These partnerships offer good trading practices while providing creators with global market access.


The children we work with know that school is the key to a better future and they're eager to learn. We provide resources and opportunities in education to the communities that need it most. When children are educated, they have the tools to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

Economic Initiatives

Overcoming economic challenges is possible with the necessary education and opportunity. By offering training to support income-generation, especially for women, we’re investing in the transformation of entire communities.  When people are empowered to create a business or develop a skill, they're able to lead by example and support the next generation that follows them.

Obakki Foundation programs are as diverse as the people they benefit because we believe opportunity comes in many forms. Our fashion brand, Obakki, covers the Obakki Foundation administrative costs. This means 100% of your contribution goes directly to our programs.

Whether it’s an idea, an individual, a school or an entire village — we invest in what is possible.