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The people of Adol Manyiel are praying for peace and water in equal measure.

This community is comprised of IDPs (Internally Displaced People) who have been forced to flee inter-tribal violence at home. Arriving with no possessions, food or source of income, families are living on land usually used for gardening and this has created a desperate situation for the entire village.


The resources of the village are already stretched beyond capacity and the most recent rainy season (when meagre crops can be grown) ended early, leaving people going hungry with the smaller harvest.

Although neighbouring villages have been generous in sharing all of their resources, the nearest source of clean water is over four kilometres from Adol Manyiel, which is putting additional pressure on everyone as they compete for these basic and essential resources.

Living every day in fear and uncertainty has taken a toll on residents.

Parents currently can’t bathe their children or clean their clothes regularly, and having them attend school is a dream at this point.

For Adol Manyiel, a hand pump will mean children can attend school, gardens can be grown, and basic hygiene needs can be met. The women in particular have expressed to us the massive difference that clean water would make in their village. They currently sing songs about peace to alleviate their stress and give them hope as they struggle to survive. These ladies dream of a day when they can celebrate the arrival of peace in their lives – bringing them clean water will be the first step in fulfilling that dream.

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