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When our team arrived to assess the village of Aduer, the needs of the community members were obvious.

Dirty clothing was hanging from their gaunt frames and a sense of neglect permeated the village.


Women and children spend at least four hours every day collecting water – in the morning for drinking and in the afternoon for cooking.

This means one meal every day with little water left for personal hygiene and washing clothing. Children spend the day fetching water rather than learning in school and homes are crumbling from neglect.

Life wasn’t always so hard in Aduer. Changes in the climate have reduced the harvest and affected water availability in the area. Elders in the village remember a time of bountiful gardens and livestock. Now groundnuts are grown two months per year and goats are sent to distant pastures in search of water, which leaves them vulnerable to theft and with no milk for the children to drink.

With access to clean water, villagers could garden all year and keep livestock close. Clay bricks could be made to fix their homes. Children could return to the classroom. In anticipation of a water well being drilled, the village is discussing the formation of a water management committee as well as cost sharing plans to deal with any future repairs.

The people of Aduer are dedicated to reviving their community and water is the key.

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