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The village of Nyangkot is a community that was created through war. Its residents—coming from prosperous, educated and devout backgrounds—were forced to relocate to Nyangkot after fleeing North Sudan after independence. Although this new setting ensured that they were safe, life for the villagers was fraught with poverty, hunger and suffering in a country and culture that was unfamiliar to them.

Forced to rely on handouts for food and lacking access to basic necessities of life, such as water, was something these people had never imagined would occur in their lifetime.

Nyangkot’s host community, Dar Kuei, observed these struggles and offered assistance in the form of land and shelter. Although Nyangkot still faces challenges today, the burden of obtaining a reliable source of clean water has been lifted, thanks to 500 caring individuals who purchased the RED scarf.

A global community has been brought together to help bring stability and hope to the people of Nyangkot—and for this, they are forever grateful.

Thank you to all of our supporters!! As you wear your scarf, remember its greater purpose. You are part of a growing global community that is creating change in our world.

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