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We asked the children of St. Valentines orphanage in Cameroon, Africa these questions: What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What makes you afraid?

Their answers are as illuminating as they are heartbreaking. In addition to things that make most children happy – like cake and superheroes – the kids of St. Valentines also find joy in a book, because in Cameroon getting an education is a privilege rather than a right. A lot of kids are afraid of snakes, but the children at St. Valentines are equally scared of mosquitos because they carry deadly disease.

From a cat in workout gear to the isolation of abandonment, we have compiled the poignant, funny and thoughtful words and drawings of these kids in The Obakki Foundation Makes Me Happy, a beautifully crafted coffee table book, as well as our cotton tote bag and silk scarf.

Despite the many differences formed by their experiences as orphans in Africa, these children ultimately want what every child wants, regardless of their circumstances – to feel safe, to feel acknowledged, to feel loved.

The children of St. Valentines currently live in a modest structure with a leaking roof and broken windows, eat protein only once per month and lack access to medical care – all of which inhibits their ability to focus in school. 100% of net proceeds will go directly to these kids, because it started with their answers. With your purchase these children will have their basic needs met. They will know that someone cares about them. They will have a future.

Buy your “What Makes You Happy” product today and give a future to the boys of St. Valentines.