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The patients at Bafut Rehabilitation Centre are predominately children.

Many have lost limbs through trauma or disease, have cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, or birth defects due to nutritional deficiencies.They and their families travel from around the country, desperate for life-changing treatment, equipment and training.

Walking into the centre, Treana and her team immediately recognized the remarkable work being done by exceptional people, especially considering the conditions in which they are doing it.

In a country that lacks any social services, Bafut changes the lives of people who have often been completely unsupported until that point.

Physical disability is a challenge anywhere, but in a country like Cameroon it can be a life sentence. By offering specialized surgery, equipment such as braces or prosthetics, and intensive physical therapy, many people leave the facility able to walk for the first time and rejoin society in a meaningful way – their lives are quite literally transformed.

Bafut also provides vocational training and jobs, such as building prosthetics. These opportunities help to create a livelihood and the ability to live independently.

The staff is working in a modest space using extremely old and limited supplies, and progress is very slow, which prevents more people from being treated. Patients are required to pay for the services, treatments and equipment they receive. By our standards these payments look small, but in reality only the luckiest Cameroonians can afford treatment.

Bafut is an amazing place, making the most out of very little, but there are significant gaps that your donations can help fill.

100% of all donations will go directly to improving the lives of children and adults at Bafut who are currently forgotten by society.  Your donation will ensure they receive life-altering treatments, improved equipment and enhanced support.

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