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In the spirit of Columbus’ unwavering dedication to the caring of the boys of St. Valentine’s orphanage, we are launching a vocational tailoring program with Columbus to provide other orphans with the skills to support themselves when they transition from the care of the orphanage.

Who Is Columbus?

Columbus is the former caretaker for the St. Valentine’s Orphanage in Cameroon, Africa. He arrived as a boy and stayed for 20 years, receiving no compensation and living in squalor, yet he never considered leaving the boys he had vowed to protect. Through circumstances beyond his control, Columbus left the orphanage in 2012 and was forced to live in a snake-infested shanty until reconnecting with the Obakki Foundation. Tailoring is one of the most important economic sectors in Cameroon and Columbus is a gifted tailor. After leaving St. Valentine’s, he salvaged an old sewing machine to work on surplus orders from established tailors in Buea. He now has a tailor shop of his own and to honour his legacy of sacrifice and devotion to the vulnerable children of St. Valentine’s, we are launching a vocational program in his name.

What will your donation cover?

When you donate to The Columbus Vocational School of Tailoring, you are providing a future to children who have been abandoned, forgotten and ignored. As with all of our programs, 100% of your donation will go towards your project. Donations will fund the required tools, fabrics, teachers (including Columbus!), rent and other operational costs.

All that Columbus ever wanted was a family of his own. We are showing him that families come in many forms and we invite you to join his family now by donating to the school named for him.

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