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When Treana first discovered the boys of St. Valentines Orphanage, they were living without access to schools or medical care, barely surviving on 10 shared cups of rice every week in a shelter that lacked a roof, electricity and water.

After speaking with the children and hearing their heartbreaking stories, Treana realized that in addition to food and shelter, these young boys needed to know they were not forgotten. They needed hope for a different future. They needed someone to nurture their potential until they could see it in themselves. They needed a family.

Treana promised to return to St. Valentines and for almost twenty years she has kept that promise, returning every year to Cameroon and watching the original boys of St. Valentines grow into productive young men who are now working to become accountants, lawyers and government administrators.


We have worked with St. Valentines to improve the conditions; however there are still young children who need support for their nutritional, educational and medical needs. As with all of our projects, 100% of your donation will go directly to St. Valentines to support a variety of initiatives.


Currently the boys receive protein once every month and the implementation of a small garden and poultry farm in the yard would address their nutritional deficiencies. Although they now have a roof over their heads, the boys of St. Valentines live in a very modest building that requires improvements to maintain their safety and protection. When the boys are injured or ill, they lack access to basic medical attention and we will be arranging for emergency and ongoing medical care.


These boys know that education is the key to a better future and they are desperate to learn. To that end, we will be offering educational support including books and other materials, as well as liaising with teachers to identify areas requiring additional work and providing tutors or vocational training. Finally, these boys need counselling to help them deal with the unthinkable psychological (and often physical) trauma they have endured.


When you support these boys, you will be helping them in ways you can’t even imagine and we will provide regular updates so you can follow their progress. Join our St. Valentines family today and help the next generation reach their potential.


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