Salt of the earth.

Have a direct and immediate impact with your contribution as a Program Partner. Being an Obakki Foundation Program Partner allows you to make a meaningful connection. Visit the region you’re supporting or experience the change you’re making by receiving photos, videos and letters from the people you’re helping.

Celebrating new agriculture

Adol, South Sudan

Photographer: Brian Ceci

What is a Program Partner?

Program Partners fund entire large-scale projects ranging from new water wells to agriculture initiatives, changing the lives of thousands of people.

Our Program Partners

Transformational partnerships.

Obakki Foundation / Meet the Partners: Winston

Why sponsor a project?

Our global community of program partners support and drive the humanitarian work we do in Africa. These inspiring individuals partner with the Obakki Foundation to fund large-scale projects because they want to know that their generosity is being used strategically, in a scalable and sustainable way. We send 100% of their donation to communities in urgent need, ensuring that their generosity is most efficiently used as a catalyst for change.

Leave your mark on the world in a positive way by spreading wealth to those in need. Their lives will be changed for the good, as will yours.


Once their donation has been put to good use, we provide our program partners with regular and frequent updates about the villages they support. We transport them to the community that they’ve helped through tangible, quantifiable and real examples of positive growth. Through these updates, they get to know the people they’ve helped, the history of the community and the steady growth they’re making. Our field team makes regular evaluation and monitoring trips to our donor villages, providing ongoing support to our donors’ communities.


Finally, we also foster a community between our donors, bringing these special, like-minded individuals together through their common benevolence and generosity. We recognize these benefactors at an elevated level, communicating the enormous impact they have made with our thousands of supporters.

Giving it your all.

We have no middleman, we hire and train locals staff to implement our projects. Simply put - we don’t work through any other organizations that might absorb administrative costs from your donation. The Obakki Foundation team is on the ground, ensuring that your donation dollars go where they’re needed most. What’s more, giving back forever connects you to a community. We’re committed to complete honesty and transparency with our donor partners. That means when we say that 100% of your donation goes directly to our projects, it really does.