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Water scarcity affected the most vulnerable residents of Makila – women, children and the elderly – and the consequences of limited access to water were far-reaching. Some villagers moved to neighboring communities during the dry season to be closer to water.

Those unable to make the trip, particularly older villagers, were forced to stay behind and drink whatever they could find.

Women spent hours walking to the nearest water source, leaving their children in the village. The village schoolteacher carried a 7-litre jerry can to school in the morning and when the water ran out, the children had to leave.

Now that a water well has been drilled in Makila, those who had to leave can now return home.

Women will be healthier and better able to care for their children. The community can now cultivate gardens, which will improve overall health of the residents while providing a potential source of income through the sale of produce.

In addition to providing clean drinking water, the people of Makila now have opportunities in education, gardening and health that would be impossible without a reliable source of safe water. Thank you for helping to bring lasting and meaningful change to Makila.

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