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500 Noir scarves sold helped to build a well in Matangai

People in Matangai were hiking over two hours to reach a disgusting swamp that is full of contaminants.

As a result, the health situation was extremely dire, with many skin disorders, parasitic illnesses and life-threatening bacterial infections.

During Treana’s intense visit to Matangai, a village leader named Daniel expressed his desperation by drinking from a bottle filled with a dark liquid – his gaze never leaving hers. He then threw it to the ground, stating: “This is the water we drink.”

After Daniel returned to his seat, Treana stood and retrieved a bottle of clean water from the truck, placed the bottle before them and said, “This is the water you will be drinking.”

The villagers sat in stunned silence at her bold proclamation. Other organizations had promised to bring clean water to Matangai in the past and nobody has ever followed through…until now.

It took multiple attempts to reach water, but Treana was determined to keep her promise and Matangai now has one of the most productive water wells in the area. In addition to providing clean drinking water, the people of Matangai now have opportunities in education, gardening and health that would be impossible without a reliable source of safe water. Thank you for helping to bring lasting and meaningful change to Matangai.

We have reached our goal and are sold out of the NOIR scarf, but you can purchase another of our ‘limited edition’ colours in order to support one of the many other villages in need.

100% of net proceeds from the sale of these scarves go directly toward our projects.

As you wear your NOIR scarf, remember its greater purpose. You are part of this change. Stay connected to Matangai. Sign up to receive regular photos and updates.