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500 ORCHID scarves sold drilled a water well in Ronga

The ORCHID scarf was inspired by Treana’s last trip to South Sudan. To access water, women and children walked for hours to reach military barracks or cross a border through a conflict zone, putting the most vulnerable at the greatest risk.

Physical and sexual assaults of every kind occured on a regular basis.

Not having access to water was one thing. Being attacked while trying to obtain it was heartbreaking. Nobody deserves to be subjected to such brutality, certainly not the women and children in Ronga, and yet they continued to go back out there, day after day, without ever complaining. They accepted it because they had no choice.

With your help, we have given them a choice. We gave them back their dignity and security.

Treana promised that we would help them because there are some situations that, once you have seen them, you just can’t walk away and do nothing. This was one of those times.

In addition to providing clean drinking water, the people of Ronga now have opportunities in education, gardening and health that would be impossible without a reliable source of safe water. Thank you for helping to bring lasting and meaningful change to Ronga.

We have reached our goal and are sold out of the ORCHID scarf, but you can purchase another of our ‘limited edition’ colours in order to support one of the many other villages in need.

100% of net proceeds from the sale of these scarves go directly toward our projects.

As you wear your ORCHID scarf, remember its greater purpose. You are part of this change. Stay connected to Ronga by signing up to receive regular photos and updates