Livestock Watering Stations


Jan 2012

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For centuries, the nomadic cattle camps of South Sudan have roamed the African terrain alongside their revered cattle. Their culture is centered economically, spiritually and sociologically around their cattle. This way of life is as rare as it is beautiful; however, without aid and in the face of unprecedented environmental distress, this ancient culture could soon be eradicated.

Due to the drought in South Sudan, violent territorial clashes have erupted between cattle camps factions as they battle for water. Currently, 80% of internal conflict in South Sudan emanates from cattle camps – left with limited options, governing bodies are discussing disbanding the cattle camps as the only solution to end this conflict.

We believe there’s another solution.

Recognizing that a lack of water is the cause of territorial conflict, we have recently launched livestock watering station initiatives. These massive water projects provide clean water to the cattle as well as community members.

Clean water can not only achieve peace in the region, but also help the cattle camps keep their centuries-old culture and way of life.


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Providing safe water

to thousands of animals.

Provided clean watering holes

Animal safety and health increased

Provided clean watering holes

Animal safety and health increased

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