St. Valentines Orphanage

Louis ready for school


Photographer: Brain Ceci


Supporting the nutritional, educational and medical needs of orphans, St. Valentines is providing children with a future.


August 1994

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St. Valentines is a home for boys ranging in age from 5-17 years old. When we first discovered this small orphanage in Cameroon, the children were living without access to school or medical care, surviving on 10 shared cups of rice every week in a shelter that lacked a roof, electricity and water. Once they turned 18, boys were turned out on the street with no education or skills to survive on their own.

By addressing 5 key elements to their development - nutrition, shelter, educational support, medical care and vocational training - the kids of St. Valentines are thriving.

The older boys have grown into productive young men who are studying to become accountants, lawyers and farmers. They are proof that with encouragement, opportunity and hard work they can have a future they would have never imagined.

Your donation facilitates regular food drops that address nutritional deficiencies, upkeep of their modest home, school fees and tutoring, medical care, and vocational training to give them employable skills.

Without St. Valentines, these boys would be living on the street. By donating to St. Valentines, you’re investing in their future.



After 25 years,

these boys are family.

Tutoring support

Nutritious food deliveries


Children have graduated school and are attending university

Tutoring support


Nutritious food deliveries

Children have graduated school and are attending university

Where does my money go?

For any contribution you make, the full amount of your donation goes directly to our humanitarian work in Africa. So every dollar that is donated to our life-saving projects makes an impact, giving people the resources they need to thrive.