Turkey Earthquake Relief


On Feb. 6, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in southern Turkey near the northern border of Syria. Protecting vulnerable individuals and ensuring access to their basic rights are immediate priorities.


March 2, 2023

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Emergency Aid



As many of you know, at Obakki (www.obakki.com) we work with linen weavers in Turkey who produce the most incredible, sustainable bathrobes and towels. And you also know that we are personally involved with all our artisans and consider them part of our global Obakki family. Sadly, these partners live and work in one of the hardest hit regions and they are suffering enormously. A month after the earthquake hit, they continue to search the rubble, trying to recover the bodies of their friends and family.

There was a devastating earthquake in Turkey on February 6, 2023 and was the strongest earthquake to occur in Turkey since 1939. 

Approximately 14 million people were affected with 1.5 million homeless and at least 50,000 dead. 

Everyone, including the government, acknowledges that the death toll is in fact, much higher – tens of thousands are still missing.

Our artisans are suffering enormously. A month later, the bodies of their friends and family remain under the rubble as they continue to try and dig them out. 

Everyone knows someone who has died. Despite a robust international response and rescue effort, Turkey remains overwhelmed.

Housing, hygiene, and clean water are in very short supply. Because of all the dead bodies, many water sources are at risk of creating water borne diseases such as cholera. People have no electricity, no heat, not enough food and almost no medicine. 

It should be applauded that following Turkey's call for international help, more than 141,000 people from 94 countries joined the rescue effort. But there are obstacles – political issues and red tape impair the ability of the aid to directly reach people quickly. Many bona fide organizations are dealing with the emergency relief efforts on a large scale while some people are still sitting on bare ground, freezing, and without resources. 

Obakki specializes in “boots on the ground” support in this type of disaster. Just like our project in Ukraine, we believe a direct grassroots movement is where we can create the most impact. We are gathering information on communities in the outlying regions who have received ZERO assistance, to identify the top priorities so we can start acting NOW. 

We believe in bypassing larger organizations to get money into the hands that need it most with networks on the ground that can begin to help directly and immediately. 

We can help. Step by step, family by family, community by community. Can you help us to do that? Our grassroots approach means every donated dollar goes directly to the relief zone – put into the hands of people we know and trust. 

We take zero administration fees. 100% of your donation will directly reach those who need it the most. 




7.8 magnitude earthquake

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked southeast Turkey near the Syrian border on Feb. 6, 2023

The WHO says that 26 million people need assistance

Approximately 14 million people affected

1.5 million homeless and at least 50,000 dead

507,000 housing units / buildings collapsed or heavily damaged

The WHO says that 26 million people need assistance

1.5 million homeless and at least 50,000 dead

Approximately 14 million people affected

507,000 housing units / buildings collapsed or heavily damaged

Where does my money go?

For any contribution you make, the full amount of your donation goes directly to our humanitarian work. So every dollar that is donated goes directly to helping those in need in Turkey.