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Our AFRICAN DUSK scarf comes wrapped in our signature tissue tucked inside a re-usable Obakki Foundation pouch. The package includes information cards explaining how your purchase is transforming lives.


Lightweight modal blend scarf
65% rayon | 35% modal


130 cm x 130 cm


As you wear this scarf, remember its greater purpose.

Thanks to your support, this village will have access to clean water.

100% of the net proceeds will go toward our projects.




Scarves for Water

In Burugo, Uganda, women and children are walking for hours to reach a shared water pump that often doesn’t work.

The Challenge

The people of Burugo know that the wealth of a community depends on the health of its residents. Clean water means money can be saved or used to educate their children, rather than spent on medicine to treat the many water-borne diseases that relentlessly ravage the community.

Our Goal

The AFRICAN DUSK scarf was selected to support Burugo and when we sell 500 of these limited edition scarves we’re able to drill a well. This brings clean water where none existed and changes every life in the community for the better.




31/500 Sold

Not having water affects our lives very negatively. The water we collect is used only to drink or to cook. There is poor hygiene because we cannot wash anything. — Hellen Likico
How You Can Help

When you purchase our limited edition AFRICAN DUSK scarf, you’ll be helping to transform lives in Burugo as you join a growing global community that is creating change in the world.

Stay connected to the people you are helping in Burugo by signing up to receive regular photos and updates directly from your village.

100% of net proceeds from the sale of these scarves go directly toward bringing water to Burugo.

Please share your purchase #scarves4water

African Dusk Burugo Field Image

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