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Best of the Blog

Some highlights from Treana's recent trip to South Sudan.

For the past two weeks, Treana has been documenting her most recent trip to South Sudan.  While there, she came across old friends, had to go searching for others, and made many new ones along the way. People saw what goes on behind-the-scenes during her visits and also got a chance to meet the incredible people who are on the ground in South Sudan every day.  Our readers learned how civil war is tearing South Sudan apart and how, despite tragedies in their own lives, so many people are working towards peace.

Some stories delight you while others break your heart, but all will inspire you, because the strength, humility and resilience of the people Treana met on this trip will fill your soul.

And finally, you saw how a village is chosen to receive a water well and what inspired our latest scarf, ORCHID.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Treana’s latest trip and learning how your support is changing the lives of so many people.


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