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Join Treana and Ryan on the Basic Needs Challenge

Food. Water. Shelter.

Next week you can follow Treana and Ryan as they lead our South Sudan Basic Needs Challenge.

Starting August 10th, they will be raising awareness around the challenging living conditions in South Sudan, Africa by undertaking a series of events focused on the necessities of food, water and shelter.

During the week, they will post live to their social media sites using #SouthSudan and #ObakkiFoundation.

As Treana explains, “Spending a few days in the shoes of someone from South Sudan can demonstrate how difficult life can be there, while also showing how similar we all are. I hope our supporters and fans will share this challenge with others to help raise awareness of the urgent need in South Sudan.”

AUGUST 10, 11 & 12 – FOOD

For three full days, Treana and Ryan will consume the calories of a typical South Sudanese person: three cups of rice per day (an estimated 600 calories a day), without fresh fruit, vegetables or protein of any kind. (The average North American consumes over 2,000 calories per day.)


Treana and Ryan will hike six kilometres (3.73 miles) carrying a jerry can filled with water weighing approximately 18 kilograms (40 pounds). This will reflect the long and often dangerous walk that most South Sudanese women and children must make daily in order to access water that is often contaminated.


For 24 hours, Treana and Ryan will recreate (as best as possible) a typical camp for internally displaced persons in South Sudan. They will be in a field with only one personal item each and will only use their smartphones to provide live updates via social media. Currently, there are approximately 1.4 million people in South Sudan living in internal displacement camps living in fields with only a few tarps for thousands of people, receiving occasional food drops from non-government organizations working in the country.

To follow Treana and Ryan as they take on the challenge, please visit:

Be sure to check in on their progress and share with your network to get the word out about our Basic Needs Challenge!