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Live With a Purpose: Supporting Our Projects With Your Passions

People are doing what they love and changing the world.

Live With A Purpose is more than a fundraising campaign – it’s a global movement. We’ve partnered with an international community of change-makers looking to make a difference in their communities and around the world.

We’re helping participants implement a self-directed fundraiser using what skills they have – marathon running, tarot card reading, soap making – and 100% of the money they raise will go directly to the humanitarian projects we support.

The person who raises the most funds will accompany Obakki Foundation founder Treana Peake on an all-expenses-paid philanthropic mission to Cameroon, Africa in November 2015!

This unique travel opportunity includes visiting schools and orphanages supported by the Obakki Foundation – a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness firsthand the work that we do.

In the coming weeks we will be featuring our Live With a Purpose participants so you can learn how they are using their passion to create lasting change.

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