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Meet George

84 year old George Wirba and his wife Helena's lives are changed forever.

When George Wirba and his wife arrived at the rehabilitation centre in Bafut from their small village, it was the first time he’d left his home in over 4 years. Untreated gangrene resulted in the amputation of his leg and George has been housebound while his wife struggles to provide for them both.

George was in Bafut hoping to receive a prosthetic leg, but their meagre savings barely covered the transportation costs (approximately ten dollars) to the hospital – a prosthetic leg was completely unattainable. Without the funds to travel home, George and his wife were hoping for a miracle. Once Treana and her team arrived in Bafut, her priority was getting a prosthetic leg for George.

Whenever Treana walked by them, Helena covered her in kisses and George would say, “hubba, hubba.” She eventually found out that it means “thank you, thank you” in his local dialect! Every day our team members would walk by this adorable couple, carrying various prosthetic parts destined for another patient. And every time, they anxiously asked, “Where’s George? Where’s George?”

Thanks to your support, George got his miracle.

His patience was rewarded and he is now walking once again! It was one of our happiest days of the trip, with lots of happy tears mixed with plenty of “hubba, hubba”!

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