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The Backbone of the Obakki Foundation

Meet our incredible team on the ground in South Sudan.

I started the Obakki Foundation and I am the face of the Obakki Foundation, but the Obakki Foundation is a TEAM. We are a very lean group in South Sudan – everyone wears a lot of hats and multi-tasking skills are a must.

Sandy is our only international staff member and she one of the most capable and committed people I’ve ever met. As a female travelling and often working alone in a conflict zone that is incredibly patriarchal, Sandy faces unbelievable challenges. Not only does she rise to the occasion, she has earned the respect and trust of those most skeptical of her abilities.


Abednego is our key resource in South Sudan, and as our Country Director, he manages our projects and liaises with locals and government officials on our behalf. Being a South Sudanese local, his life is continually at risk and he often has to have armed guards to protect him out in the field. During the initial outbreak of civil war, we offered to evacuate him and his family, but he refused to leave. Abednego is committed to helping his people find peace.


We also employ a local group of translators, seed sellers and pump mechanics. They are all part of our team. We couldn’t do our work without them.

I am in awe of these people.

Every day they demonstrate tireless dedication, creativity, bravery, generosity and strength. They live in a conflict zone, sleep in tents, ride motorcycles, sometimes eat only once a day, and carry out their work in harsh heat and horrible conditions, often while gunfire threatens in the distance.

Our work in South Sudan is incredibly challenging due to the politics, geography, climate, potential violence and cultural differences. Despite the many hurdles they face trying to do their jobs, the Obakki Foundation team keeps going. It’s never easy, but they never, ever give up. I’m so proud and thankful to work with them.