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South Sudan consists of many diverse tribes, with long histories of anger and revenge acts among them. Two groups from the areas of Pacong and Mathiangkok have engaged in a cycle of violence for years now, with many lives being lost. Only a week ago, the two sides agreed to come together and engage in a 2-day reconciliation effort.

It is rare for these communities to do this on their own, and truly signifies their desire for peace.

Obakki staff was present during the Kok Community Peace Building meeting, bearing witness to the process. While accusations were hurled, and calls for retribution whispered about, a woman from Mathiangkok stood and bravely spoke, stating, Applying justice to the extent of hanging wrong-doers will not bring back the dead, why don’t we instead concentrate on accepting everything bad that each of us has done to one another as the collective responsibility of all Kok, and move forward.”


In response, a woman from the other side replied, “It is better to labor for peace than war.”

These two statements led all representatives to agree to accept responsibility and ask for forgiveness.

Both communities came up with a final demonstration of peace: opening a primary school in Mayomkok village that will accommodate over 280 children who have been displaced by the conflict and deprived of an education for over two years. It is required that all schools in South Sudan be outfitted with a hand pump/borehole. With only a few weeks before the rainy season, when all work ceases for months, getting this well drilled now means the children of Mayomkok can begin school far sooner than expected. It will also serve to remind the villagers of what their peaceful negotiations have brought to their lives.


With such a beautiful story of reconciliation and peace-building, the family of JD and Will Last have been inspired to make sure the well is drilled before the rains come.  In honor of the strength shown by the women in the community, the family wishes to have the well drilled in the name of JD’s mother. The women have proven themselves to be amazing peacemakers, just as Docile was. It is the perfect place for her legacy to live on.


Donate today to help the Last family bring clean water to those most in need. 100% of all donations will go directly to Docile’s well.