Fundraising with Obakki.

Kathy is changing the world with her beautiful photographs, using her passion and hobby for good. The Obakki Foundation streamlines fundraisers so that it’s easy to do good for communities in need.

Kathy Lee

Live With A Purpose winner

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    Come up with a single idea. Keep it simple: what’s something you’re passionate about, and what will you need to feasibly accomplish your goal?

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    Start your project with us on Classy. Setting up with Classy makes the process easy: it’s designed to look beautiful, so you can focus on all the important stuff.

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    Consider how you’ll get the word out through social media. If this is your first time, think of this as an excellent way to learn how to broadcast a message for good!

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We’ve partnered with Classy to give you the tools to create a beautiful fundraiser, easily. It’s simple, easy to use, and will clear out all of the hard work of designing your fundraiser so you can focus on your idea and hone in on your message.

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We are a global community of changemakers, just like you! The support of our fundraisers allows us to continue changing thousands of lives in South Sudan, Cameroon and Uganda. We’re all about switching up the traditional philanthropic model and creating an environment that’s more inclusive. We know you want to help and we’ve created a platform that makes it easy to get involved. Our team is always available to cheer you on, every step of the way. If you need help deciding where you want your money to go, we’re here to tell you about our programs. Think big, think small, think outside the box—we celebrate your ideas, changemaker!

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