Basic Needs Challenge - Day 3

August 12, 2015


August 12, 2015

Day 3 of our challenge is almost over and I have to admit that I’m feeling incredibly guilty about it ending. All day I’ve eaten my rice extra slowly, wanting to conserve what I have left – not because I’m hungry and need to save some for later, nor am I tired of the flavour.

I’m taking longer than ever because I know as soon as my bowl is empty I get to open my fridge and choose from an overabundant variety of nutritional foods.

Why am I not excited about the prospect of eating whatever I want, whenever I want?

Because I know there are literally 5 million people on the brink of starvation in South Sudan who are staring at their last bowl of rice, too. But for them it means they’ll have nothing until the next food drop is released, which can take weeks or even months. 

Why does it have to be this way? Why are things so unbalanced in this world? Why do some people get it all and some get absolutely nothing? I honestly thought I would enjoy the final hours knowing I would be soon be eating something other than rice. But I can’t get out of my mind all of the people who won’t be eating anything at all.

Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll start my day with another bowl of rice.

Photo Credit – ©ICRC/JacobZocherman

The uncertainty of knowing when my next meal was coming would be unbearable. — Treana Peake, Founder, Obakki Foundation