Building a Solar System

May 6, 2014

A village transformed

May 6, 2014

Within the space of a mere year, Bargak has gone from a village desperately in search of clean water to a village that has taken hold of its path to growth and success, working collaboratively to reach new levels of agricultural and economic growth.

You might remember this village as the community that our donor partner Winston and his family gave clean water to in December 2013. With the foundation of water, the community has completely flourished.

Able to meet one of their basic life needs, they have taken on other initiatives thanks to their water well that have led to even more growth.

Other than their thriving gardens, which have provided the village with nutrition and even some income by selling fruits or vegetables in the market, the community has also undertaken the installation of solar system technology. Solar-powered systems include solar panels, a submersible pump and a water storage tank. The system pumps water into the storage tank, increasing the amount of accessible water for the community.

With more water, Bargak will be able to grow their gardens more efficiently and quickly, leading to more nutrition sources for the community and increasing their economic capacities as well.

With more produce, they are able to sell more in market. With more income, they are able to reinvest in the village itself (buying more seed varieties, gardening tools, bicycles and fencing materials) and in their community members (education, agricultural training and other trade work), leading to even more growth and development in other areas of life.

In the space of months, they have grown from a village in need to a village that has attained true self-efficacy now that they have the basic tools they need to grow. 

It all began with water and one generous family that wanted to help.