January 14, 2014

Treana describes being evacuated from South Sudan due to violence and conflict

January 14, 2014

As our team is evacuated from South Sudan, emotions run deep. Sadness. Guilt. Relief. Heartbreak. Leaving behind people & communities you love to potentially perish in civil war isn’t exactly written up in the handbooks.

For years our team has watched villages rebuild after decades and decades of fighting – each of them finding the strength to start again, using hope, courage & water as a building block. Now as evacuation planes are jammed with international staff being flown to the safety of their developed nations, the world once again seems incredibly unequal.

Every year I fly out of South Sudan, I stare out the window at the barren landscape below. As the thatched roofs of tukuls & shadows of moving people become swallowed up by the red dust, I close my eyes & promise to hold fast to the faces of those who desperately need not to be forgotten.

This time the tears fall before the dust has a chance to take over & everything we try to hold onto is lost in one big blur.