The Facility

Words by Treana Peake

July 30, 2016
July 30, 2016

Things at St. Valentine’s must change. These little boys, who have already lost their families and have barely enough food to sustain them, are living in filth. We’re now in the rainy season in Cameroon, when the temperature drops in the evening and the downpour can seem relentless. With windows broken and the roof leaking in multiple spots, everything in here is damp and musty.

These children sleep on mouldy mattresses that are falling apart, with blankets that aren’t big enough to cover a five-year-old. At night they shiver in their beds, waiting for the morning to arrive and provide some relief.

This year we will be overhauling St. Valentine’s –decorating the walls, building shelves, and much more. These changes will take time to fund and organize, but the mattresses and blankets can’t wait. I’m committed to replacing these rotting beds while I’m here. I’ve found a local vendor who can supply us with proper mattresses and warm blankets – we just need the donations to fund them.

Click here: today and give these boys sleep in a dry, warm bed tomorrow. 100% of your donation will go directly to the boys of St. Valentine’s, giving them a home they deserve.