The True Value of 5 South Sudanese Pounds

June 26, 2015

A family’s generosity will bring water to Magang’s community.

June 26, 2015

Magang’s story resonates with everyone who reads it. By selflessly giving Treana all of his money (five South Sudanese pounds, roughly sixty cents) to help her bring water to his village, Magang demonstrated the intrinsic spirit of the African people. It also symbolizes why we continue to return to South Sudan despite the many challenges of the region.

The Kahlbetzer family of Australia was deeply touched by the story of Magang. Sally contacted the Obakki Foundation offering to sponsor a water well in Magang’s village of Pankaar. The generosity of the Kahlbetzer family will ensure that the water well is drilled before the rainy season commences, when all work ceases for months.

Our staff on the ground will find Magang and tell him how his generosity grew beyond his wildest dreams. Anybody can make a difference with any amount and we’re so grateful that Magang and the Kahlbetzer family decided to take that first step.