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Why Water

It all begins with water.

345 million people in Africa live without water.

The lack of this basic necessity is an issue that affects all other areas of life.

Children and women often have to travel far distances to find water, and at times are limited to drinking from unclean water sources such as rivers or ponds that carry water borne diseases. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to becoming ill from these diseases.

Many children can’t attend school because they’re in search of water or are ill as a result of water borne ailments, diminishing future opportunities for growth through education. The few wells that are functioning are often used excessively because of the high demand for water, causing mechanical breakdowns and leading to territorial conflict amongst communities and tribes for access to water.

It all begins with water.

By focusing on quick yet sustainable water projects, we can save lives, reduce vulnerabilities and give dignity. With water, overall health is vastly improved. Water borne diseases and impurities are reduced and living conditions become more stable. Communities are able to create thriving gardens. These gardens improve food security and create an internally supplied source of food.

Eventually, these gardens can lead to economic initiatives as well, providing an income stream for communities. Villages and community members don’t have to fight for access to clean water, significantly reducing conflict. Children are able to attend school since they don’t have to spend their days in search of water, allowing children to pursue their education.

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