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In the village of Coloc Gak, getting a drink of water can be a life or death experience.

For many years the community relied on an old hand-dug well for their water. The tremendous depth and instability of the well made it a hazard, especially for the women and children who used it daily. Although it was dangerous, the water at Coloc Gak was plentiful and residents had no other alternative for clean water.

Unfortunately a young girl was recently attempting to collect water when she slipped and fell to her death. This kind of tragedy could easily have been prevented with the hand pump that is installed when we drill a water well.


Since the accident, residents of Coloc Gak no longer use this hazardous well and the village is deteriorating as a result.


Children stay home from school and women are unable to properly care for their families as they walk hours to fetch water every day. Gardens are being neglected and basic hygiene needs can’t be met – all because an abundant source of water remains just out of reach.

The land has already demonstrated that there is more than enough water to help the people of Coloc Gak thrive. A hand pump will allow them to access it safely.

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