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Walking into the village of Gul Mar, the sound of a crying baby pierces the air.

Less than a year old, he had been left behind while his mother went in search of water. Women have no choice but to leave their children in the village – regardless of their age – because they can’t take them on such long distances.

Currently water can be collected only once per day (only to be used for drinking and cooking) and there are three different sources relied on by villagers. None of them are acceptable.

The first is a filthy swamp that is a three-hour walk in one direction and only allows for two jerry cans to be filled before it is temporarily drained. The second is a hand-dug well in the centre of the village that dries up entirely during the dry season and residents are scared to dig it any deeper for fear it will collapse on them. The third is a variety of contaminated mud puddles that form along the roadside during the rainy season.

For these reasons, the people of Gul Mar are often sick with diarrhea or eye disorders, especially the children. With no health facility nearby, the situation for villagers is very dire.

The school is rarely open due to water shortages and although the village Chief and residents have spent their lives is Gul Mar, and love their village, they are losing hope.

The suffering of Gul Mar needs to stop and purchasing our TWILIGHT scarf will make that happen. When we sell 500 scarves, a water well will be drilled with 100% of proceeds going directly to the people of Gul Mar.

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