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100% of your donation goes directly to our humanitarian work in Africa. Every dollar that's donated to our life-saving projects makes an impact by giving people the resources they need to thrive. Be a part of the change and donate today.


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This Blanket has a Greater Purpose

We’re proud that 100% of all net proceeds goes toward providing basic needs to people in South Sudan, Cameroon and Uganda.

Our team on the ground works directly with communities in need ​to implement ​programs that address sustainable clean water solutions, agricultural initiatives, and assisting schools and orphanages.

To date the Obakki Foundation has drilled over 1000 water wells in South Sudan, bringing clean water to almost 2 million people, and we’re just getting started.In Cameroon, we have supported various orphanages and created 12 schools, including vocational programs and farming projects, giving thousands of young students an opportunity to reach their potential. Our work in Uganda focuses on the basic needs of people in Bidi Bidi, the world’s largest refugee camp.


Our blanket is hypo-allergenic and cruelty-free with a cashmere-like softness.

Obakki. Because you choose your look and your causes with intention. And your contribution matters.