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In Tonjo they drink from dirty swamps.

Without a hand-dug well, the desperate residents of this village are left with no other choice. There is a river several kilometres away, but the water is so contaminated that a filthy swamp is the better option.

This scarcity of clean drinking water has resulted in relentless suffering from water-borne diseases – particularly for the children and elderly. As a result, the village exists in a state of constant crisis. Women are left to collect the water, cook the meals and other chores while also caring for the sick. There is no time (or suitable water) for gardening, which leads to inadequate nutrition for everyone.

The children know that getting an education is the first step to a better life, yet they are either too sick to attend class or they must stay home to fetch water and help with chores. People are losing hope that change is possible and they’re resigning themselves to these dismal circumstances.

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100% of net proceeds from the sale of these scarves go directly toward bringing water to Tonjo.


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