Honouring Peace

May 21, 2015

One family pays tribute by bringing water to South Sudan.

May 21, 2015

When J.D. Last and her husband, Will, read about the historic peace talks in South Sudan on Treana’s blog, they were inspired into action.

Recently, the communities of Mathiang and Pachong agreed to meet and discuss peaceful alternatives to the violence that has plagued them for the past 16 months. This non-government peace and reconciliation meeting was the first of its kind to be held in South Sudan.

Despite initial reservations, the communities soon accepted responsibility and agreed to move forward together towards peace, with the women being key catalysts for change during the talks. Before the meeting ended, everyone agreed to re-open a school and teach their children together (children haven’t attended school for two years due to on-going violence). An application was made to the Obakki Foundation for a water well to be drilled; one that can service the 300 pupils of the school, but also serve as a constant reminder of this significant meeting.

After reading this beautiful story of reconciliation, J.D. contacted the Obakki Foundation and asked how her family could help fund the drilling of this water well. With the rainy season approaching – when all work ceases for months – getting this well drilled now means the children can attend school much sooner than expected.

J.D. and Will are hoping to raise enough funds to have the water well drilled before the rains come, and they’re dedicating this effort in honour of J.D.’s mother, Docile. The women of Mathiang and Pachong were instrumental peacemakers during the meeting, just as Docile was during her life. It is the perfect tribute and will honour Docile’s legacy for generations.

Donate today to help J.D. and her family bring clean water to those most in need. 100% of all donations will go directly to Docile’s well.

It will bring clean water and peace in equal measure.