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The people of Dhoor-Lei have been forgotten for too long.

Located deep in the bush on fertile land and away from the current violence that plagues other areas, this village has requested clean water for years, only to be denied or ignored. The community is extremely vast, split into three main sections and surrounding a swamp that floods during the rainy season, when mud puddles are the main source of drinking water.


Once the dry season arrives, women and children walk over eight kilometres roundtrip to reach water while others are forced to migrate closer to clean water, abandoning their homes and meagre crops.

When our team questioned why the community remains in the area if it causes such hardship, they told us how fertile the land could be if properly cultivated. This has been proven during the rainy season, which produces a harvest that is small (because of the short season) but very bountiful. The people of Dhoor-Lei are so motivated that they collected what little money they could to have a water well dug by hand. Unfortunately the crew hit layers of rock that couldn’t be bypassed, leaving behind a cruel reminder of what might have been.

If water arrives in Dhoor-Lei, the villagers intend to plant fruit trees because the price of fresh produce is currently cost prohibitive. Having fruit trees will give their children much-needed vitamins while also providing a modest income. Knowing that other villages would share the hand pump, rules around water usage are already being planned.

This community isn’t ready to give up on their land and we aren’t ready to give up on them.

Help us show the people of Dhoor-Lei that their efforts have not been in vain and this time they have not been forgotten.

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