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The people of Madoli are used to disappointment.

The village has been preparing for clean water for years, only to see their dream repeatedly postponed or abandoned. Being a very remote community, residents currently struggle to obtain water from a variety of sources.

The nearest water is a creek that is two hours roundtrip from Madoli and it’s infected with insects and feces.

The creek is also where they grow vegetables, but only for two months every year because it dries up so easily. Puddles that form during the rainy season are often used for drinking water, but these are also highly contaminated and – like the river water – routinely make everyone in the village sick.

The nearest source of clean water is a hand pump over an hour away with wait times of over two hours because so many communities rely on it. Wherever the water is being obtained, mothers are forced to leave their children behind without care or food while they collect it. The elderly are also extremely vulnerable because the trip for clean water is often too arduous to attempt.

A school opened in 2014 with the understanding that another aid organization would drill a water well to support it. Unfortunately, it was never drilled and the children must either suffer dehydration or leave school for hours to fetch water.

The people of Madoli know that their lives will change when clean water comes to the village: their clothes can be washed in water that doesn’t smell of raw sewage; children can attend school knowing they will focus on their studies rather than their thirst; and everyone will be healthier from drinking clean water and eating healthy produce all year long.

This community is one of the most motivated we have seen– we need only to keep our promise that this time, clean water really is coming.

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