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Malith used to journey for water for 3 hours
4,000 people now have clean water from our new well

Malith was suffering for years without clean water. Forced to fetch water from a dirty swamp an hour and a half away as a last resort, the community had no choice but to risk their health and livelihood for the sake of having something to drink. They reached out to the Obakki Foundation, walking to our head office in Rumbek, South Sudan to deliver a letter. In that letter was a desperate plea for water—clean water that would help the community get back on their feet and live the healthy life they deserve.

Thanks to one of our generous donor partners, we were able to respond to this request by drilling a new water well in January, 2014. By strategically locating an area that serves several other surrounding villages, the new Malith well will serve an astounding 4,000 people (and more!).

The almost instant change in the community was incredible to witness.

The entire village was visibly healthier, able to satiate their water needs with ease. What’s more, with a nearby water source they have begun to develop flourishing gardens and now have clean water for their cooking.

Their garden has already expanded from a few scant fruit trees to expanding garden plots, where they’re growing hearty kudra and other nutrient-rich vegetables. With more tools and seeds, the community’s potential for agricultural development and growth is virtually limitless.

It all began with one person who wanted to make the lives of one community better.

Thanks to their generous donation, now a whole host of villages are leading healthier lives thanks to the foundation of clean water.