The children don’t complain about poor living conditions. They are grateful for any chance to learn.
Over 800,000 displaced people began the long walk home with little food or water to vote for independence.
Currently, 80% of internal conflict in South Sudan emanates from cattle camps fighting for water for their cattle and communities.
N 7° 0' 9.7776' E 29° 17' 39.177' Congratulations! 500 RED scarves sold has drilled a water well in Malual Chum. People in Malual Chum used three hand pumps to get their clean water; each located more than four kilometres away in different directions. As a result, women had minimal time to care for their families and most people ate only one meal per day.
N' 06' 42' 36.1 E' 029' 40' 3.4 Congratulations! 500 ORCHID scarves sold drilled a water well in Ronga. Not having access to water is one thing. Being attacked while trying to obtain it is heartbreaking.
N 06° 52' 31.9" E 29° 40' 38.3" Congratulations! 500 OXBLOOD scarves sold has built a water well in Dar Kuei. When the resettlement community of Nyangkot was formed to take in people fleeing from North Sudan, the village of Dar Kuei offered assistance.