In 2015 the Obakki Foundation touched the lives of many in Cameroon and South Sudan. It is your commitment, generosity and support that enabled this to happen. You are the Obakki Foundation. Thank you for being a part of the change.
The St. Valentine's Orphanage children and Treana joyfully reunite.
Katie & Cheryl, our 2015 LWAP winners share their incredible journey to Cameroon.
Columbus receives life changing news.
See the impact of clean water on Malith.
Our dedicated pump mechanics, Chol and Mayoum, help to bring the community of Aguaric back to life by rehabilitating the communities hand pump.
Treana shares her personal journey and tells us how a small act of quiet kindness made her into the humanitarian activist and creative leader she is today.
Winston and his family gave clean water to a village in South Sudan and now, he’s meeting them for the first time.
Treana sends a special update from the village of Malith to the donor partner who gave them water.
The women of Adol have taken the gift of clean water and turned it into agricultural and economic growth.
In December 2010, we drilled a well for Alel Chok—since then, life has completely changed for this village.
Limited to a hand-dug well before, water-borne disease and illness were commonplace in Pancui. A well changed everything.
A community affected by leprosy overcomes obstacles and stigmatization with the help of clean water.
Treana and the children of Gol Meen say hello to the kids of Cypress Park, a group of students who fundraised a well for them.
The story of a group of students who decided they could make a difference by giving clean water to Gol Meen.
Treana gives us a rare glimpse inside the traditional South Sudanese home: a tukul.
A glimpse into the transformative effects water has on a village in South Sudan that just received a well.
The kids who inspired our Kids For Clean Water program receive a special update from Riak Dor, the village they gave a well to.
Obakki’s collections show the intersect between fashion and philanthropy, drawing inspiration from South Sudan.
The story of the cattle camps of South Sudan, one of the last remaining pastoralist and animist societies
Meet the incredible 64 kids who inspired our Kids For Clean Water program by raising a well for Riak Dor.
The governor of Lakes State, South Sudan, shares his thoughts and feelings about Obakki Foundation’s impact in his state.
To date, the Obakki Foundation has supported 12 schools in Cameroon - see how education brings joy to this community.